Newborn Safety: Is Your Photographer Fully Trained?

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From the time your baby is born, you put them into trusted hands. They go from the hands of the competent labor and delivery nurses, pediatricians, and into the hands of loving friends and family. There is nothing quite like the fragility and beauty of a newborn! The trusted professionals and family members we rely on early in our babies’ lives always have newborn safety at the forefront of their focus. 

Yet, when people consider having a newborn photography session, it can be difficult to know how to tell if your photographer is fully trained in both the art of newborn photography, as well as newborn safety in their studio.

Cheap Prices Are a Newborn Safety Warning Sign

In light of all we do to protect our precious babies, it might surprise you to find out that there are no legal or professional requirements to call yourself a newborn photographer. Licensing is not required in the profession at large. Quite literally, with a camera and a Facebook page, someone can claim they are a professional photographer and charge for a newborn photography session. 

If you come across someone with very low prices for their newborn photography, it’s likely that they have not spent the time or money to educate themselves in newborn safety. It’s not enough to like to take photos of sweet babies! A trained photographer understands the body composition of newborns because it’s very critical that any newborn is in a safe position for their age and size. Not every pose is safe for every baby!

posed newborn carefully placed in a bucketStudio assistant demonstrating newborn photography safety

Additionally, many poses need to be accomplished through composite images. This is the practice of taking multiple images with an assistant ensuring baby is fully supported in the pose. Then, after taking multiple images, they’re merged in the editing process to remove the extra hands. This keeps baby safe, and results in gorgeous pictures that no one will ever know were carefully crafted into the final image. And this is just a single example of the importance of posing training!

Ask any photographer you are considering for newborn photos what courses and training they have taken. That way, you know their studio policies for handling and posing newborns.

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Newborn Saftey Should Never Be Compromised for Cute Photos

As a Master Newborn Photographer, I follow a strict code of ethics in my studio to ensure the safety of the newborns I am entrusted with. These include

  • The baby’s comfort is paramount at all times
  • The baby’s head and neck are fully supported at all times
  • Babies are never suspended or dangled
  • Newborn photography sessions are limited to a few a week
  • There is always an assistant or “spotter” nearby
  • When placed in a tucked position, the baby’s respiratory tract is never compromised
  • The studio is clean and sanitized between sessions and professionally deep cleaned weekly.
  • The studio follows CDC guidelines. Myself and my assistant are fully vaccinated (Covid/flu tdap) and wear KN95 masks at all times.


Studio assistant demonstrating newborn photography safetyStudio assistant demonstrating newborn photography safetyThe final composite result of a safely captured newborn pose

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Ongoing Learning Is Important for Newborn Safety in the Studio!

There is never a substitute for education. I make it a point to continue my professional education. I enroll in courses in newborn safety and any trending poses or props every year, taking time away from my business and my family to do so.

I’m always looking for opportunities to hone my craft and invest in my business by attending as many online and in-person seminars and workshops as I can!

newborn safety during a professional newborn session

Beyond the Technical: A Passion for Newborn Photography

Photographing newborns is so much more than clicking the shutter. Maintaining a strong relationship with my clients is so important to me. So many of my clients feel like family to me now! I get as excited as they do when I hear they are expecting another member of their family. Every time they reach out for another session, I’m honored to be a part of their growth. 

It’s such a beautiful progression to photograph an expectant mama to a beloved newborn to that one-year cake smash celebration! My clients are really, really the best, and I’m so proud to be their family photographer.

If you’re looking for a  photographer who “grows” along with your family, I would love to talk to you more!

smiling newborn, posed using safe studio practices



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