Your iPhone isn’t Meant to Capture Professional Newborn Pictures

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Think about your favorite childhood photo taken by a non-professional photographer like your mom or dad. Now think about how long it’s been since that photo was taken. If you’re like most people, it’s been quite a few years. How does your childhood photo look today? Chances are, the colors have faded, and the image is a bit blurry.  That’s because prosumer cameras like the point and shoots used in the 80s and 90s weren’t designed to take pro-level photos; they were meant to take a few snaps of the family vacation or of the gang around the tree on Christmas morning. Professional newborn pictures are meant to last! 

Jamielynn 2 years old example of a none- professional newborn photo

My own family photo-1983

Your iPhone is Not a Professional Camera

Like their point-and-shoot predecessors, iPhone photos are not made to last; they’re designed for sharing and uploading online in a matter of minutes. If you want your newborn photos to have lasting value, you’ll need the help of a professional newborn photographer instead of relying on your iPhone camera. 

The Dynamic Range of an iPhone Camera is Not the Same as a Professional Camera

The dynamic range of an iPhone camera is much narrower than that of a professional camera. This means that details in the shadow and highlights areas of your photo will be lost, especially if you try to enlarge the photo to print it out or hang it on your wall. While it might look halfway decent on a screen, that’s what the images taken on your phone are optimized for – a screen. But your desktop wallpaper isn’t exactly a family heirloom, and that’s the purpose of professional newborn pictures. We create something that will last generations for you! 

Professional newborn pictures of twin girls

Many people don’t consider that professional photographers control the camera and make choices based on line, shape, form, and light. With the camera on your iPhone, you control very little; it makes the choices for you. If you’ve ever taken a photo and then thought, “that doesn’t look like it did in real life,” it’s not because you are a terrible photographer… it’s because the camera is not made to make complex decisions. Even though you can make slight modifications to things like your F-stop on certain phone cameras now, they’re nowhere near as sophisticated as professional-level equipment. Professional newborn pictures capture every little detail, by combining artistic skill with the right tools! 

Newborn Photography Lighting

For example, I position my lighting for newborn photography sessions to eliminate shadows around the newborn’s eyes, mouth, and nose. They’re also used to create dynamic shadows on the baby’s face that are less defined than the kind of shadows you’d see in a typical photograph of a newborn using indoor lighting or tungsten lighting. If that sounds like gibberish, that’s okay! What I’m describing, is the lighting conditions I use to highlight your newborn’s soft, smooth skin. That way, you remember how velvety it felt every single time you look at your images. 

professional newborn photo detail shot

Your baby’s newborn photography session should capture all of the sweet little parts of them, from the fine, downy hairs that appear for only a few weeks to their sweet pouty lips!

Newborn Photography Tips: Your Photos Should Hang on Your Walls, Not Hang Out on Your Phone!

The photos on cell phones rarely do anything other than stay on your phone. Of course, we all have good intentions, but when you hire me to take newborn photos of your children, I make sure that those memories are preserved.

In addition, cell phone photos are not optimized for enlarging. This means that if you try to order newborn photos taken on your iPhone as a wall print, chances are they will be blurry and won’t fit the dimensions you are looking for. Like we’ve talked about here, it’s not all about the megapixels! Images taken on your phone are intentionally optimized to look good on screens, not on your walls. 

Check out some of my favorite ways to display newborn photos!

Will Your Luxury Newborn Photos Stand the Test of Time?

The newborn stage is so fleeting, it’s literally a matter of weeks, and it’s so precious! Don’t miss out on having Professional newborn pictures taken of your baby because it goes by in the blink of an eye. It’s my desire to make sure that you have beautiful images of this amazing part of your journey with your children.

newborn wall art

I want to get those photos on your walls so you can enjoy them for a lifetime! To find out more information on the variety of sessions and prints I offer for newborn photography sessions, contact me and let’s chat more!



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